Brain Teaser – What’s the Quilt Block


Brain Teaser  – What’s The Quilt Block

Quilt blocks names have been derived from every aspect of society . Some are political, patriotic, or have historical significance.

Many have religious or biblical names or are inspired by the sky, stars, or heavens.

A lot of block names are taken from their geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, and diamonds

Quite a few are names after flowers, rises in particular .

Vegetables, birds, insects, and animals have their turn as do inanimate objects especially household objects.

There are lots of quilt blocks named after places and people , famous and otherwise


Use these cryptic clues to name the quilt blocks  (remember : Google is your friend)

1.    simple whirligigs

2.     popular TV show

3.     would make a holiday home

4.    an essential if you ever go to sea

5.    connects heaven & earth

6.    an inebriated mans journey

7.    always worn with  dinner suit

8.     teddy’s foot

9.    irish stairs

10.  cape barren birds in flight

11.   nana’s enigma

12.  smashed crockery

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  • Diane

    Are you going to let us know the answers for the Quilting Quiz, it would be great to know the correct answers, I was sooo close to putting my answers on and finding it was already
    just gone.

    Comment | April 9, 2012
  • Here are the answers to the Name the Quilt Block
    1. Pinwheels

    2. Wheel of Fortune

    3. Log Cabin

    4. Mariner’s Compass

    5. Jacobs Ladder

    6. Drunkard’s Path

    7. Bowtie

    8. Bear’s Paw

    9. Dublin’s Steps

    10. Flying Geese

    11. Grandmother’s Puzzle

    12. Broken Dish

    Comment | April 9, 2012

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