Product of the Month – Iron on Vinyl

Heat ’n’ Bond iron on Vinyl Laminate for Fabric

We have just introduced this great new product to our range

Turn any fabric into vinyl covered fabric

HeatnBond® Iron-on Vinyl is a flexible, water resistant coating that you iron onto the top of your fabrics to protect them.

You can use Iron-On Vinyl to make your own laminated fabrics and create placemats, tote bags, chair seat covers, aprons, children’s art smocks and more!

So your favourite fabrics can now become vinyl covered fabrics.

·  Permanent

·  Gloss finish

·  Sewable with regular or non-stick foot.

·  Fusible only on one side

·  For use on fabric or paper

·  UV Resistant, Water Repellent material

·  Paper liner is used to protect the vinyl during ironing




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Product of the Month – Brass Magnifying Glass & Tweezer Combination Tool

Brass Magnifying Glass & Tweezer Combination

This is such a handy tool, you will wonder how you ever managed with out it

As the eye sight gets weaker and the arms get shorter it becomes increasingly harder to pick up tiny objects, pull out basting threads from projects, open jewellery pieces  etc.,  this little gem is the answer, it  allows for one handed use so the other hand is free to hold the item securely.

It comes with an attractive brass finish , the tweezers are stainless steel and the lens has powerful 4x magnification




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Product of the Month – Button Shank Remover

Have you ever come across the perfect button for that scrapbooking, card making,  jewellery making or craft project only to find it has a shank back and wont sit flush on your project , well here is the answer :

The Button Shank Remover

This handy tool removes the shanks from the backs of  buttons quickly & easily.

Instructions for use are printed on the back of the package




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Product of the Month – Wash-A-Way Water soluble Basting Thread

What is “water soluble thread” you ask?

Water soluble thread is thread that dissolves in water.

Why would you want thread to dissolve?

Water soluble thread is used in regular sewing and applique, as well as advanced quilting techniques like trapunto to hold fabrics & batting together

Wash a Way avoids the frustration of removing basting stitches

After the quilting process is completely finished and your applique is firmly secure with many quilting stitches, you can immerse your whole quilt in water to dissolve the threads that originally held your applique in place.

  • Wash A Way is available on a 90mtr reel
  • After using Water Soluble Thread, return it to it’s packaging as it can weaken from moisture in the air.
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Product of the month – The Needle Gripper

I would never be with out this item in my sewing box.

The Gripper, with its self locking clamp and serrated tips, grips and removes threads easily,  makes changing a machine needle a simple job and grabs fabric firmly so it is useful as a tube turner. The Gripper is even useful for removing bobbins from the sewing machine and tightening screws.



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