Clover Products Scrambled Letters Quiz


Clover Products Scrambled Words

All these scrambled letters spell a Clover Product

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mdeobreriy   opho


saian  oktn


cneilp  pneaerhsr


htdare  ttucre  npeadtn


bsia  tpea  mkera


oinc  lbhetim


rnigfe   prerses


hirnpai  acel  otlo


naha   ima  oolm


dneorw  tntirek


iasdy  pilpuaqe  lodm


etfgnli  nedeel  ootl


nasaikzh  frwole  reamk


tswearteeh  oesr  keram


tnaittg  thtessul


unhpc    ereomyribd  otlo


lefs   handtrgei  deenels


mop  pmo rakme


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1 Comment

  • Here are the answers to the scrambled words quiz.
    The winners was chosen randomly as there were many correct entries

    1. Embroidery hoop
    2. Asian Knots
    3. pencil sharpener
    4. thread cutter pendant
    5. bias tape maker
    6. coin thimble
    7 finger presser
    8. hair pin lace tool
    9. hana ami loom
    10. wonder knitter
    11. daisy appliqué mold
    12. felting needle tool
    13 kanzashi flower maker
    14 sweetheat rose maker
    15 tatting shutters
    16 punch embroidery tool
    17 self threading needles
    18 pom pom maker

    Comment | April 9, 2012

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