Macaron Purses – Free Pattern / Tutorial

Forget the neverending pack of Tim Tams; I’ve found the Macaron that lasts forever!

Take a look at this  Free Macaron Coin Purse Pattern  thanks to Craft Passion

This little purse is super cute and almost good enough to eat.  It is quite limited in size  but great to keep some small treasures or piece of jewellery. Of course it would be perfect for keeping a few coins for the parking metre or just those times when you need a little cash.

You could even attach one to your key chain – however you decide to use your macaron purse, you will certainly receive lots of comments.

Don’t just make one, make a batch of them and create a Macaron Croquembouche – just kidding!  But they would make great little gifts or stocking fillers .

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